Hardwood flooring can easily become the main attraction of your house. If you’ve installed it in your home, chances are you’re going to live satisfied with it for many years to come. The idea of changing it can be a huge inconvenience, expensive, and overwhelming.  

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to make your hardwood flooring last long.  

In general, hardwood floors last for around 10 years before you have to refinish them. In addition to that, you can only refinish hardwood around 10 times.  

Because of this, it’s important to take care of your hardwood floors to ensure they last for the whole duration of you living in that house.  

Aside from hiring a professional flooring Adelaide company, here are several other things to consider: 

Stay On Top of Maintenance 

After you install the floor, the only thing you need to worry about is routine maintenance and cleaning.  

There are several ways to maintain your hardwood flooring. It all depends on how much traffic it gets and the material it is made of.  

On average, every finish will wear down over time. Because of this, it’s always necessary to refinish the floor.  

When it comes to daily maintenance, it’s quite straightforward when it comes to hardwood flooring. All you need to do is to sweep the floor every day using a soft, fine bristle broom.  

Once a week, you should deep clean the floor using a steam mop or damp mop.  

Do not use harsh cleaning products. Make sure you opt for cleaning products that are specifically made for hardwood flooring.  

Use the Correct Finish 

The finish of your hardwood flooring can have a huge influence on its appearance and longevity.  

You can usually apply finish to the wood before or after it is installed. However, it’s always better to apply the finish after installing the hardwood floor.  

Aside from improving the look of the material, finishing it can also make the wood more durable, water-resistant, and adds texture.  

There are a couple of various forms of wood floor finishes to pick from. However, the most common option is polyurethane since it provides high performance.  

Always Hire a Professional 

If you’re still planning to install hardwood floors, you are probably focused on saving money as much as possible. If this is the case, you might be thinking about installing the floor yourself or hiring an amateur. However, this is a huge mistake you’re making.  

There is no point in purchasing expensive and beautiful hardwood floors if they aren’t going to be properly installed. That is why it’s best to invest in a reliable and experienced flooring company for help.  

Poor installation can easily ruin the look of your floor. You might end up with loose boards and gaps that make your home unappealing. Typically, these mistakes happen due to a rushed job or inexperienced installers.  

While paying more money does not always mean higher quality service, you still have to avoid hiring the cheapest flooring contractor out there.