Avoid Planting Trees Near Your House

On any property, trees are the true gems. They can easily capture the attention of passersby, offer shade to your property, and much more.  

Unfortunately, there are several things you should consider when it comes to maintaining trees on your property. This is particularly true when the safety and health of your family and property are on the line.  

Without a doubt, trees are wonderful. However, they’ve got huge roots that are known to cause structural damage if they’re spreading close to your house. If trees are too close to your home, they can also cause exterior and roof damages.  

You can typically experience these problems if you plant a tree close to your house. Because of this, you might end up hiring a tree removal Melbourne company to remove it.  

How Far Should You Plant a Tree? 

How far should you plant a tree away from your house? There are a couple of guidelines you can follow when it comes to planting trees. If you follow these rules, you can easily avoid a lot of possible damages.  

Professionals recommend that homeowners should plant trees 10 to 20 feet away from their homes. If you want something specific, here are some things you should consider: 

  • You can plant a tree 10 feet away from your house if it grows less than 30 feet in height when mature. 
  • You can plant a tree 15 feet away from your house if it grows less than 70 feet in height when mature. 
  • You can plant a tree 20 feet away from your house if it grows more than 70 feet in height when mature.  

Reasons to Avoid Planting Trees Close to Your House 

There are a couple of ways a tree can cause structural damage to your house. This is particularly true if you don’t plant them properly. A couple of these issues include: 

  • Dead Trees Can Cause Harm to Your Family 

You cannot predict when a dead branch might fall. Because of this, they present a safety threat for your loved ones and family by falling off at the wrong place and the wrong time. 

  • Branches Can Damage the Exterior of Your House 

Twigs and tree branches can cause cosmetic damages to your home’s exterior as they grow and scratch against the walls.  

  • Trees Can Clog the Gutters 

The limbs of a tree can hang over the roof if you plant it too close to your house. As the leaves of a tree fall, they’ll end up in your gutters. If you don’t clean it properly, they can clog your gutters.  

  • Large Tree Roots Present a Huge Risk to Your Home 

A tree might appear small. However, they need the right amount of space to grow their strong and large roots. It does not matter how small the space is. The roots of a tree will always look for a way to spread out.  

Because of this, it can cause structural damage to your house if you plant a tree too close to your home. They can damage its foundation when the roots spread near it.  

Dangers in Removing Trees on Your Own

Working with trees is generally dangerous and there have been reported incidents while doing tree work without professional help and supervision. Especially tree removal, the danger of tree works can imply death. This is why companies are made to do the works for you because tree removal involves having knowledge of the trees, skills in handling tools, and experience. If you are planning on doing tree removal on your own, you may consider tree removal Adelaide, one of the tree removal companies that are trusted by the people.  

Today, we will talk about the common risks involved in doing tree removal:  

  1. Wrong equipment – tree removal professionals are required to have proper protective gear from head to feet, and they also should have the proper tools and equipment such as ropes, chain saws, and wood chippers. These tools are not just ordinary tools as they are designed to be strong and durable that cannot be worn down by any misuse or accidents. homeowners should have the proper tools, equipment, and of course, the requisite — expertise to use all of these tools and equipment.  
  2. Power lines damage – live wires are extremely hazardous and you might be get electrocuted even when you are just near them. Most homeowners think that live wires are safe because they are protected and covered with black coating. The truth is, black coatings are supposed to protect the wires from the weather, and even they are on, electricity can still get into you. Working with trees and removing them may cause you to hit and damage powerlines, and worse, you might cause an accident to you and the people around you.  
  3. Decayed woods that can fall anytime – while it is assumed that you cut trees on purpose, you might get caught off guard when you realize you are stepping and climbing on a tree that is decayed and with just one movement, it can fall. Decaying trees are decayed from inside out, and this is what makes it dangerous. If you do not have the knowledge in biology required to remove a tree, you might miss some hints of decay, and when you do, it might be too late. Professionals have the expertise and training in finding out decaying trees and knowing how to deal with them. 
  4. You might fall – no matter how you carefully cut ropes or indentations, there would be times that the tree may fall in many ways you never expect. Worse, when the tree falls, there is no amount of force you can exert to control where it goes. When it falls, you can’t do anything about it. When you have poor judgment, no expertise, and experience, this might result in disaster.  


Removing trees can cause lives, and this can happen in a variety of ways mentioned above. Even if you have experience in cutting trees, you may not still have the experience and the tools. It is better to give the tasks to the trusted companies and make the works safe.